About me

Hi, I am Annika.

Since I have been to Australia for a year, I got a irrepressible travel desire. An Ozzy told me back then: „If you were once in Australia, it’s like a boomerang. You will come back!“ I already came back once and I would love to get into a plane to fly around the globe and to be there again.

But honestly ? Why should I just limit myself to Australia ? There are so many wonderful countries all over the world, I would love to see. By now I have been to 24 Countries, when I was a child, I went abroad for the very first time, later when were 11 I had my first flight overseas. To see and explore all these places on my growing travel list, this is my dream! Who knows me in person, knows what that means to me cause my eyes are shining brighter, when I talk about this.

And this the thing about Your Dejavu. I would like to inspire people and to share my passion. So join me on my trip around the world and get carried away.

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Stay tuned to my next trip…

Flughafen Düsseldorf